Today was a rainy day.
Wednesday, 03/02/05 - 8:58 pm.

I went to the university this morning, to pick up a few papers I need, for the paperwork due on saturyday. I'll be registering four subjects for this semester. As usual. Represent.

I got to see Victor and Priscilla while getting my stuff, and that made me really glad. I saw many familiar faces, but very few turned to greet me. Oh, that's ok, really, because I didn't want to greet anybody. And that made me feel lonely, twice (no one greeted me, there was no one I'd have liked to be greeted by). I didn't see Irene, I've had no contact with her whatsoever. Joseph said he might drop by to see me, but he didn't, as I figured. It was his day-off and he wasn't up to the task of getting up before 10 am, to see me for like 20 minutes.

Classes start on the 11th, and I'm mildly excited about that.

Like I said, the real paperwork is on saturday. I checked the schedule and Joe has also his paperwork due that day. Since I'll be in the campus most of the morning, I may tell him to meet up so I can give him The Godfather, a Pink Floyd sticker and a "wow, your music sucks hard" Happy Bunny pin I got him. That's a lot of stuff for a boy who, um...isn't a "big deal" to me, isn't it? I'm lame like that.

I cleaned up my room today. Mostly my walls. I had all these Aerosmith and Beatles newspaper scraps on the wall, and my posters were wrapped. I unwrapped them and put away the scraps (I have paper bags filled with news, I keep every piece of Aerosmith and Beatles news on the papers). Now my bedroom looks cooler.

Much to everybody's surprise, it rained today. I thought "wow, that is VERY soon. Very odd indeed". Usually it begins to rain in april. But I do not have a doubt: the Bible says we'll see signs. Eh.

This entry is quite messy. But in my defense, I've been tidy all day.

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