Meeting with the crush and fear of the deadline.
Thursday, 03/03/05 - 8:04 pm.

I'm going to meet up with Joe on saturday morning. He's going to give me the Ringo Starr CD he got for me, and I'll lend him The Godfather, and I'll give him the...wait, I already said that yesterday.

Yeah, Joe and I have talked a lot these last couple of days. I get the impression that he cares about me, in a friendly way, and that's nice. You're quite serene tonight, he said. I was indeed, and I asked him how could he tell? Was it the aura, or the karma? No, it's something depper. Your nickname. You haven't changed it all night. He was right, I hadn't. He makes very sharp observations sometimes.

Do you want me to go look for you, woman?, he asked. I said no, I will go look for you. I'll be in the campus for three hours on saturday, with not much to do after registering these semester's subjects, so I might as well go look for him. I'm kind of, uh, happy about that. When I saw him for the first time, over a year ago, I wanted to meet him, but I didn't think it'd happen. But here I am today, stressed at the thought of meeting up with him on saturday.

I started to transcribe my story for the contest. I only have one page left to transcribe, but I don't think it talks a lot about values. I don't really want to throw it away, it's the longest story I've ever written (phsh, ten pages) and it isn' But I'm seriously considering TRYING to come up with another for the contest. Huh, good luck with that.

See, it takes me ages to come up with something, and then write it down and then type it on the computer. Now I'm not too positive about making the deadline anymore. But I do want to participate in that literary contest, so I'm not about to give up.

If anything, though, I proved myself I'm capable of writing over two pages, juggling with eleven characters. And only one of them died, which is an accomplishment for me.

I feel like writing, I just need a spot to start from.

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