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Friday, 03/04/05 - 9:49 pm.

Today I went to the university, to see if my paycheck was ready. The paycheck I'll get for having my books sold at the university library, that is (yeah, like I've sold a damn copy). But they said I could pick it up on the 18th. Lord. I also paid this month's classes at the bank, and got my brother to sign me something that I need to register my subjects tomorrow. He could've very well signed it here, at home. He won't move out until two weeks or so.

Oh, yes. Tomorrow. I'll meet up with Joe, and that has me rather nervous. I try to relax: it's just me, to give him a few things, and it's him, giving me a CD. No big deal. Plus, I love Joseph. I do...except we haven't called these last couple of days. I could use a conversation with him right now. I miss him.

By the way, I talked to Joe about Joseph. Again. It was rather uncomfortable. Luckily, we changed subject. I almost got to tell him about my cutting in high school, but I stopped. I feel better having that fact as a secret, at least for the people I've met in the university.

Surprise! That's all I have to say today.

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