My consanguineous mastah.
Monday, 03/14/05 - 9:17 pm.

I expected it. I knew Joseph wouldn't show up at the university today...and yet, I kept waiting, I kept my eye on the hallways. I saw Fer, a mutual friend, and I sort of filled him in on what's going on. So, are you guys still dating?. My best reply was, I think so.

Guess who I ran into?!?!?! No. It was Denver. Well, he came to me, actually, I was just sitting. He sat next to me and we had a light conversation. I've put past me all the hard feelings, so I was really enjoying our little chat. There were moments of silence, but it was all good. He looked very nice, too. I wanted to tell him I liked his haircut. And see, I hate the memories I have of him, but not him per se. He's a funny guy, really. The past is now...well, in the past (how profound of me).

This semester's schedule isn't allowing my friends and I to have conversations, and that does upset me. Let me clarify something: we call ourselves "unsuccessful", but also the Scolopax rusticola, which is some kind of bird with a strange common name. We call each other that name (not the cientific name, but I'm not saying the other one, it isn't as funny as in real life). It's like our trademark.

Priscilla doesn't take Latinamerican Literature, and the rest of us (Irene, Victor and myself), do. But we have no off-hours, so we only get to talk properly for about five minutes to talk. We still manage to insert a couple of laughs in the middle of class, though, through notes and such. Today there was some sort of Special K energetic bar box giveaway in the campus, and Priscilla scored one. She shared with the three of us. It's the little things, I tell you.

I was nervous the whole day, thinking about the class experimental psychology, taught by my very own brother, at 6:30. I was reluctant all day, ready to fight off anyone who dared to say anything about that. Psh, no one did. But when he walked in, I felt very strange. He does look different, facing a class. Different, but incredibly friendly (the only rule is to call him by his name, not professor or any other title) and clever, as he always is.

It took me like 10 minutes to get over everything and even dared to look at him. But I ended up feeling very comfortable, to the point of saying "ppfff, that's not my brother". But I was very proud, too. He could very well turn out to be my best professor so far. He's very casual, very laid-back. He blows students away, because he treats them like equals and his train of thought is critical and yet entertaining. I'd love for you to disagree with me.

I want to make him proud. I myself in person am thinking of aiming toward social psychology, so he's turned out to be the best role model I could ever had. He's leaving out the neuro-physiological aspect of experimental psychology, and focusing on the social part of it, and for that I must thank him. It seems our inspiration comes from the same author, so hopefully I will follow him. Look how far he's gone now, and he's only 9 years older than I am....10 years, this saturday. I shall pour all these words for him on his birthday card.

All right. Obviously he and I had, and will have, this dissociation during class, so we're just a terrific professor and a relatively intelligent student. But then we come home (this is his last week living in this house, though), and everything is back to normal. Tonight he walked around shirtless, in shorts, we shared a hamburger and fries, and he asked me to get him a soda from the fridge.

This is one of the funniest things that's ever happened to me, having my brother as a professor. But it could also be one of the most enlightning experiences of my life so far.

I only have one regret right now. This classmate of mine has been very supportive of my book, and asked me to sign her copy (!). I think I should've written some more than what I wrote. Because, you know, she has been very supportive of my book. That's all.

Now I have to go catch up with university assignments. I wish Joe came online, but I believe now that classes have started, our friendship will diminish. But hey, he sent me an e-mail last night. It only said a movie, Goodbye, Lenin, would air and I should watch it. It was kind of dumb, he didn't mention channel nor time. But I talked to him later and he told me. I taped it and watched it this morning. It was very pretty.

So, ok, farewell for now.

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