10 months, a D encounter, and the billboard.
Thursday, 03/17/05 - 9:58 pm.

Ugh. Tomorrow I have to go to my school, for St. Joseph's day, to look after my nephew. It's like a carnival set up by seniors, I had mine four years ago (ack!). But I feel no need to go back to that, especially to be among all those dumb kids.

Perhaps I won't want to leave then, and I'll feel nostalgic, and I'll say "I must visit school often", and never will. But hopefully I'll see Fidel and other teachers. And luckily, Irene (whose life is literally entangled to that school, being a teacher herself) already said yesterday "you'll be with me".

I mailed the short story for Spain this morning. Or my dad did. All those technicisms, noum de plum and signing every page and such, they make me nervous. I have the feeling I did something wrong. I probably did, so I won't even be accepted to participate. And to equilibrate the good karma, "hey, maybe I'll win".

Today it's my 10th month with Joseph. I called him when I was at the university, at around 3 o'clock, but he's lost his voice, so we couldn't talk. I didn't understand a thing he said, except he was waking up. He went to bed at 6 am. Something's wrong, here. As in, self-destruction.

Angel worries me, too.

I put up the psychology billboard this afternoon, with the Marcela girl. It looks cool, I believe. Some people were checking it out already, that feels nice.

Denver came to help with ht, too! Well, he was just walking by, and helped with a few things. We talked for a while. It was all right. Should I put this up or down?, I asked him, holding a sign. Depends on which you like better, he replied, in his usual flirty way. I don't know how to say it, except that it was nice.

I don't want to go tomorrow!!! I want to see Joseph, I want to feel in control with my university assignments (NOT feeling like that at the moment). I want to see Joseph. Bye.

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