A day late: a small birthday celebration, a friendly crush and a call from my boyfriend.
Saturday, 03/19/05 - 10:49 pm.

This is yesterday's entry, and I'll catch up tomorrow. My brother Alan is here, from El Paso (yay!), and it's my other brother's (my professor) AND Irene's birthday. I hate Diaryland withdrawal.

--- Friday, march 18th.

Well, so St. Joseph's Day at school wasn't so bad. I was very close to take the car myself (!), but I figured the parking lot would be packed. And it was. Still, I drove there, and my mom drove back home. I was keeping an eye on my nephew at first, but he found friends, so we went our separate ways.

Hey, I found my own friends. PATCH WAS THERE! He's always so cute, and nice to me, he cracks me up. I hadn't seen him in maybe two years. And FIDEL! I went to his new office, and we chatted. The rest was me, walking around (mostly with Patch). There were mostly preteens, which was very annoying.

I didn't get nostalgic, except for three seconds sharp. I felt too old for that celebration...or rather, I found them too young. The set up of the party didn't impress me. Every year is the same thing, as a matter of fact. I don't even remember mine, by now. I should probably go and read that entry, years ago, but I don't feel the need to. You move on, said Fidel. School is just a phase. And then you go somewhere else. I do wish I had the chance to talk more to him.

I decided to sent a text message to Joseph last night: 10 months is much more than what Bush said the invasion on Iraq would last. I wasn't expecting a reply. But I'd just sent the message when the phone rang.

He whispered I'm sorry, I forgot. I said it was ok. And then, we talked. Like we always have. Sort of, because he's lost his voice, and he sounds like The Godfather (OMGSEXY). By our conversation, I knew nothing's been wrong AT ALL all these weeks that I've been panicking, "maybe he's trying to tell me something", "maybe we'll break up". In fact, he asked me: we're still dating, right?...because I got this weird text message 'why did you guys break up? talk!' But I called to find out who the sender was, and it turned out to be wrong number. Psh.

Yes, we're ok! He loves me the same, and I love him the same (I don't say even more, because we've reached our peak). God, I went to bed so happy. I was thinking of him, and missing him, and smiling. I hadn't felt this kind of happy since the first time I went to see him to the mall.

- Joseph: am I a jealous boyfriend?
- Me: no, not really.
- Joseph: who was the guy you were talking to last friday? I know he plays the fucking guitar and all, but...
- Me: that's just my instructor!
- Joseph: oh, right. That guy. I ran into him at the mall days later. Damn that long-haired guy.

And you know, Joe isn't even long-haired. He was the first time I saw him, playing at The Beatles tribute (and that was long before Joseph came into the picture, or to the university at all), but now it's like a half-grown beatle-do.

Speaking of Joe, we hung out today. I was at the campus at 3, getting my $24 check (the university bookstore sells my book), and then I just sat on a concrete table, planning on reading the afternoon away, until class at 5:30. I was just taking things out of my backpack when I saw Joe coming my way. He sat at the table (he asked, of course, but I was going to ask him to, anyway).

It's funny, he said. This is the same thing that happened last friday. Meaning we ran into each other at about the same time (3:30ish), under similar circunstances (both being alone). Are you coming from JC's office?, I asked. He replied yes. Then it's not funny. It's just routine.

He was coming from choir rehearsal, and had this dilemma: should he go to his house, eat, and skip the 6:30 class? Or should he stay, hungry, and attend the class? I'll think about it on my way to the restrooms. He went, and came back.

- Me: so? what did you decide?
- Joe: I was going to go home and skip class, and have lunch. But since I found you, I'm going to stay.

I gave him my crackers, and he bought a soda. And we talked, talked, talked. It was very cool. We talked about the Godfather (he's reading the book), and getting married at 15, and how JC read the palm of his hand, telling him he "shouldn't be alone". Because he spent most of his two years at the university wandering alone, he told me. And, you know, stuff.

There's this friend of his, whom we shall call Sadie (because her real name reminds me of sexy sadie, by The Beatles). She took the guitar lessons with me last semester, but she's also his classmate. Well, she came and sat with us at the table. I tend to think they like each other, or at least she seems to like him. I once thought they were dating, but that wasn't the case. They started to talk about their subjects (ack, math!), but luckily, my friend Priscilla was coming my way, so she joined the table, too. And I talked to her.

Eventually, Sadie left, and Priscilla found a few friends and went to greet them. She doesn't take literature with me, so Joe walked me to the classroom. I gave him a piece of blue chalk I'd found. We kept moving around as we spoke, when we were talking outside the classroom. I thought it was a little awkward, but I was afraid of distance, or lack thereof. It kind of made me sad to leave him, because he's indeed a lonesome kid. He doesn't whine about it, he likes it, as I'd like it. But still.

In literature, I sat next to Carmen, who's taking it by a huge leap of destiny (just last year, she was in medicine school). I kept doodling on her notebook. You know, I know I complain a lot about her, but she does make me feel appreciated.

Tomorrow's Irene's birthday (and my brother's too), so I bought her a card and we all signed it. All meaning Victor, Priscilla, myself and Gerard (he takes two classes with us, but he was also our religion teacher in middle school, so we've known him for a while....no, yes, he's very young). I also got her a little cupcake. I'll be fun for once and post a picture (click for bigger version).

That's Priscilla, Gerard and Irene...the cupcake literally crumbled, so notice the little piece with the candle on top. At the same time, there were fireworks somewhere, and they made our small, cozy celebration even more lovely.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Cheery ending, ain't it? Bye.

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