To-do list.
Sunday, 03/20/05 - 11:01 pm.

God! I've been trying to add an entry all day. Finally. Just add this phrase at the end: "I went to have dinner with my family, and then we came to watch Queer Eye. I took hilarious pictures".

By my last conversation with Joe, I could very well believe he does like me. And in fact, I do believe he does. But strangely enough, I am not freaking out. I see myself with Joseph, and Joe knows I am with him. So he'll keep his distance on that one; and I will keep it, too. Even though I can't help feeling flattered. Even if he doesn't like me (which could very well be, as well), it's always cute when someone gives you their attention.

My brother Alan came from El Paso last night. My brother Carlos, who turned 30 yesterday also, moved out again, back with his girlfriend. It's funny, because the bedroom that he left, is the one that used to be Alan's. So today when I woke up, it was like Alan had never left, and Carlos had been living with his girlfriend forever. The former was really nice (the latter, too, I guess, they're happy together). We had a welcome hom/happy birthday dinner last night, and it was so fun I ended up with a sorethroat/lungthroat, because somehow my brothers always manage to make laugh until I choke and I need to leave the table.


...I don't have as much as I thought I'd have to say. I summed everything up in two paragraphs. Wait, except for the fact that my sister Nancy brought me something from New York: a Blue Day Notebook. I'd never seen such thing, it's a blue, thick notebook, with drawings of a little frog (*heart*) and random cute thoughts. For you to keep on writing, she said. Beautiful. I have some new things in mind, if only I had the time.

You see, this is the Holy Week, or Spring Break if you will (psh, we don't have spring), so I don't have classes this week. However, I have a shitload of homework, and for your viewing pleasure, I will post my to-do list.

Latinamerican Literature
- 8-page paper about lat. lit. websites
- create a character
- read 15 short stories (by random people, like Poe, Quiroga, Conrad, Wilde, etc)

Experimental psychology (my brother's subject)
- read all texts, about 200 pages.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology
- read three texts
- take my pulse during three activities (wtf?)
- make a 24-hour kilocalories-burning chart (WTF?!)

Social psychology
- Read three chapters of Martin-Baro's book, 113 pages (ha! I'm done).

Miscellaneous activities
- find material for the psychology billboard
- work on Angel's illustration of my short story.
- work on the Scolopax rusticolas' journal (I's a little book about my friends and I at the university).

Well, it's been certainly swell to write this entry, but I shall go back to work. Plus, the first storm of the year is approaching *claps happily [and retarded-ly]*.


So long, farewell.

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