More good than bad today.
Wednesday, 08/31/05 - 10:09 pm.

Bad news of the day:
- I won't see Joseph tomorrow (that probably belongs to tomorrow, but screw it, I feel bad about that already).
- This classmate, Isaac, took my Evaluation photocopies. I didn't want him to borrow them, because I have a lot to read, and I was planning on reading tomorrow, but I couldn't find a good excuse.

Good news of the day:
- I have more good news than bad news.
- My brother arrived safely from Houston.
- And he brought me my Creative Zen MP3 Player, which is charging right now, and I can't wait to use it.
- Joseph and I were together for a while this afternoon, just the two of us, next to a recycle bin (romantic, indeed). We shared a can of soda I got as a snack at the ESJ, after evaluating four pretty little girls.
- My parents will be out of town on friday, so hopefully I can sneak out and spend some extra time with Joseph in the morning.

Miscellaneous comments:
I was going to comment on the New Orleans thing, and then on the fact that the International Classification of Diseases has added a classification of "Death and Injury Resulting from Terrorism". But maybe some other time. Just for the record, those were to be bitter comments.

Ok, bye.

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