He came for five days, but we only spent one together.
Sunday, 09/04/05 - 8:45 pm.

I don't have much time to write an entry, as I'm awfully behind on my reading, and the reading is for tomorrow. I was exhausted in the morning, and it was justified. Reading and typing, reading and typing. I haven't done anything else this weekend.

I've barely seen my brother from Houston, but at least today we had two family meals. He leaves tomorrow, so we were trying to spend some quality time, all seven of us (parents and five children...only instead of the missing brother, who's in El Paso, was my nephew). Which we always do, so no complaints on that area.

I'm just concerned about my nephew and niece. The way my brother talks about them, it's like they're nasty, and always angry, and unhappy. They kind of are. They're very different when they're here on vacation, because here they're mostly in a good mood. They are very nasty when they're in a bad mood, especially to their parents. Regardless, I'm planning on going to visit them in december. But as John Lennon says, "more on that later" (much later).

No sign of Joseph the whole weekend. But I believe my parents are going out of town next weekend. More on that later, too.

Michelle and Priscilla came over this afternoon to work on an assignment. Michelle and I were looking at my mom's psychology books, and she found one of therapy for couples. She asked my mom if she did that, and she (Michelle) told her all her conflicts with her sorta husband-boyfriend-friend. It was funny, because Michelle opened up with her the way she opens up with me. And I would never open up like that with my mom.

Last night, I got very nostalgic thinking about Melvin, a dear school friend, and I was kind of wishing things would've been different between us, and I kept thinking in terms of what-if's. It was a strange state, that I hadn't had in a long, long time. I missed him for a while.

My brother from Houston is sleeping over, and tomorrow morning he takes a plane to Houston and then to Venezuela. He's been traveling a lot this past year, but I hate it for his family. I was surprised during lunch today, because he was saying he should've said no to getting married. He got married when I was like six years-old, so I don't remember anything. One day, I looked at the date on the wedding tape, and I counted with my fingers. The date wasn't nine months or more away from my nephew's birth. So today's comment threw me off, but I remembered that situation. He was still in medicine school.

So, uh, case in point: my brother is sleeping over, and we set up a bed in the computer room. Which means I have to get out soon, before he comes back from saying hi to the in-laws. Anyway, I have to get up early myself, I have to be in the university at 9 am. And before I fall asleep, I have to finish a huge chapter on how to interview children. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to the airport.

Bye for now.

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