I'm an instructor!
Monday, 09/05/05 - 8:56 pm.

Now, I'm officially the instructor for Psychodinamic Readings, in charge of professor Mr. Basket. I'm excited about that, my social service actually started counting since the beggining of the semester. I'll be introduced to the class this wednesday.

Other than that, I've had a long day. Long, long day. It started at 5:45 am, when I said goodbye to my brother, before he left to the airport. At 9 am, I was in campus, to have my weekly meeting on Methods of Evaluation. I'll be assigned a child, that I'll evaluate all through the semester. I'm nervous. Anyway, then it was coming home with Michelle (her husband-like sorta-boyfriend friend gave us a ride) and having lunch, then off to the ESJ to evaluate and then to the university, for class (and Joseph!).

Well, I have to go because this guy Maniac is pouring his heart out on the phone. It's kind of annoying at first, because he gets sorta preachy and starts talking in french...but he's depressed and needs a shoulder to cry on. Good night.

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