I honestly think I'm having the time of my life.
Thursday, 09/08/05 - 9:48 pm.

For a while this morning, I regretted getting involved in so many things this semester. There's my four subjects, there's me being an instructor for another subject, there's my child abuse project, and there's still my social service at the ESJ (though it ends next week).

It began when I had to call to the ESJ and say to the psychologist in charge that I wasn't going to make it today. She said it was ok, no problem, someone would take my place. I absolutely cannot afford to skip one more session of evaluations, though (just three left), because I then I won't the letter for my social service. Which means, no 100 out of 600 required "hours" (relative measure) of social service.

So instead of going to the ESJ, I went to the university to have a little pep talk about being an instructor. I was scared I'd be pushed aside, because you always see the same faces, and you can tell they've already developed a friendship. But no, they're just so wonderful. Hey, potential Nobel Prize, this girl said to me.

This girl being my three-times instructor, who happens to be a lesbian. She doesn't look very friendly, but she's actually an extrovert, and very friendly. We've talked a couple of times, about books and *my* book. She was also Joseph's teacher in the admission course, in january. Her name's Veronica, but since there's a Veronica in this diary already (even though rarely mentioned) she'll be called Ve. She noticed my John Lennon converse shoes (*heart*) and we went on to talk about the Paul Is Dead rumor.

Well, the meeting took place. I met a couple of girls, I got a bag with a diskette, a pen, pencil, and a classy notepad. I signed a contract and wrote down my schedule for the people in the psychology lab in case students were looking for me. And most important, I got a key to the psychology instructors' cubicle.

I did the honors, as kindly requested by my peers: I opened the cubicle. Inmediately we started to look for our desk, each instructor has one with his/her name on it. I got the one in front of the door, like I'm the one welcoming everybody. But it's ok. We are in the most deplorable conditions, because we have nothing but desks, chairs, a blackboard (without chalk), no water, no AC, mosquitoes and roaches. It's silly, because the other instructors' cubicles (from other faculties) even have their own phone.

But the general mood of the cubicle is so cool. We started to clean up old and throw away old stuff. I opened my drawers and a bunch of papers were in there, which supposedly belonged to Jerry, an instructor that wasn't there at the moment, but whose desk is behind mine, right in the middle of the room. Instead of taking out all those papers and put them in his drawer, I just switched drawers. Ve said I was a genius. And when I screamed because someone killed a spider, she said wonderful, we'll have variety, I like that, meaning I'm not boring and we'll have a good time.

I could barely leave my desk, it's so cool. But eventually I did, and I went to find Joseph. When I found him, he said I ran into my old teacher [Ve]. She said you're crazy. I took him for coffee, and I paid, because he's broke. He told me stories of his childhood. Like when his father hit him with a belt, because of something he'd done to his brother, when in reality, as he found out seven years later, his father was laughing inside, and feeling so proud of how clever his son was.

So, well, right now I could make the most heartfelt speech, because I feel I'm having the time of my life. I'm overwhelmingly busy, but doing what I love. Without mentioning having someone special who supports me and never misses a chance to tell me he can't wait to marry me.

I'll leave you with that.

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