It wasn't consulting time, but the nun was ok with the phallus.
Friday, 09/09/05 - 10:01 pm.

Yesterday I had a big rush, becoming an instructor and getting a desk and acquainting with Ve. In turn, today was dull. Or at least not what I was expecting. Although in retrospective, not bad.

I went to the library to read a few newspapers. I took my MP3 player with me, and the 170 tracks in it kept me company for most of the afternoon. I went to the instructor's cubicle, hoping to find Ve and be entertained (or be an entertainer, which in the end is the same result), but only two boring girls were there.

However, two students came up to me, not too long after my official consulting time (from 3 to 4 on friday) was over. But it's ok, they didn't know my new schedule. They would've come up to me, anyway, because I was sitting alone at a table under a tree -pathetic-. As I told them, though, they can approach with doubts and questions whenever they want, I'll be happy to help them.

One of students was a nun, and asked me if I was the instructor. I said yes and removed my earphones. Right now, they're studying the begginings of psychoanalysis, I kinda sorta remember it had something to do with Fleiss, and letters that finished with "always yours", and theories about the nose and the genitals functioning together as part of the ethiology of hysteria. WHATEVER, I say.

I haven't read any of the material. I read it last year, when I took the subject myself, and I remember a few things, but I was still feeling a little insecure, what if they come and ask me something I don't know.

So the nun asks me what Freud means by fetichism, and why he says the fetish is a way to deny castration = the lack of phallus = penis. I explained her, me going in my mind "yay, I know the answer!". I wasn't very keen on saying PENIS to the NUN, but I figured she was well aware of what she was getting into when she decided to take Psychodinamics. Luckily, her doubts were cleared.

Then she asked me about a word she didn't understand. And neither did I, so I told her it wasn't important, and it was best to focus on the main idea. I rule so hard.

Then I found Joseph, and I had to buy him coffee because he was sleepy, after being up all night with his friend Christ Jesus (I don't know his name, really, but his initials are CJ). But we didn't go to the coffeehouse, which is gourmet coffee. We bought the VERY CHEAP cafeteria coffee, and it tasted equally cheap. But we were there for a while, with his strange circle of friends sitting at a table nearby, being loud and passing a lighter like they'd just discovered fire. Joseph stared at them like a disappointed father, turned to me, and said I was his vindication.

Another girl, who seemed to be from Cambodia, and to be high, came up to me. She asked me if I was the instructor, and asked me something about the class schedule. I mumbled something like, "yeah, you'll start Freud's social theories today or on monday". She said thanks and walked away. Ok...

I forgot to mention. Yesterday there was this girl parading a puppy, saying she was selling it for $25. It was a golden retriever, but it was so not one-month old, as she claimed. I offered her $3, and I was hinting she should give it to me (SHE SHOULD HAVE!). But anyway, I couldn't afford to have it. Maybe I could, but I can't even picture my mother's reaction, and Frog's reaction, when they saw me walking into the house with a three-week-old puppy that'll grow like 10 times the size of Frog.

Tomorrow should be interesting. My parents go out of town for the weekend, I go to Joseph's house in the afternoon and I'll go for dinner with my friends, for Michelle birthday. Stay tuned (or don't, whatever).

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