Unclever entry after a clever movie.
Wednesday, 09/14/05 - 11:47 pm.

I just came from seeing A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, which completely blew me away. Movies like these make me despise Hollywood.

On other news, today was FINALLY my last day of evaluations at the ESJ. As I mentioned yesterday, a George Harrison looking guy was going to be my partner. His name is Eric, he's my classmate in Social Psychology II, I'm his instructor for Psychodinamics, and he met my brother when he (my brother) was in charge of the psychology labs, back in 2001. So he's been studying for a quite a while, I pressume.

We had five children, all boys. But one, which seemed rather small to me (like he was born before he was supposed to, or something) started to cry in the middle of the AEI test, saying he wanted to go home (he looked like ET, too), and I had to take him to the psychologist lady so she'd see what she'd do with him. Man, it was a relief getting out of there. I didn't even bother to feel nostalgia about my old school. I barely saw Fidel, but I know he understands. He always did.

It's been a rainy day, tomorrow is Independence Day and I want to blow up discotheques, strip clubs, and government offices. But I'll dedicate my time to study for Survey, which midterm I have on friday.

Day off tomorrow as well, and I'm not planning on going swimming like I should (it's been a week since I went swimming!). I feel guilty, but there are a few things getting on my way. I'll catch up next week.

The only thing ruining my mood, aside from the ghost of my failure on monday's quiz, is the fact that I heard from the lady in charge of the child abuse project. She says we're going somewhere out of the city next week, to start "making contacts" for our interviews. Lord, she annoys me. Lady, leave me alone, just keep giving me my paycheck at the end of the month.

I just wrote this, out of a conversation I had with my brother (well, it was mostly his monologue), on our way back home from the movies. Just for the record, it was his idea we went after my classes were over.

You don't quit by saying "I'm not going to do this anymore". You can't quit if you just say you'll stop it.
Tell me what you're gonna do to replace the pattern you've been reproducing so far. I want to hear your alternative, not just your

I want to write clever books.

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