Freedom is not paying for a cellphone, or 50% off Mattel toys.
Thursday, 09/15/05 - 7:58 pm.

Today's Independence Day, but it's all bullshit, so aside from being a tad angry and dissapointed, there's not much to tell.

It's a holiday today, and I spent it making progress on my assignments, and preparing an entry for my spanish blog (which is mostly to pour out my frustration, it's its one anniversary today, actually). I did go out with my family, parents and brother, in the middle of the afternoon, to have a snack. I had a wonderful cold capuccino and a slice of banana cream pie. It was obscene, that place. My dad had a "black pearl", a half-circle made out of PURE chocolate. OBSCENE, I tell you.

So, uh...I'm gonna go study for tomorrow's midterm. After my monday failure (NO, I'M NOT OVER IT!) I need to lift up my spirit. Studying absolutely does not lift up my spirit, but hopefully the result of said activity will.

For the record, I am TIRED of the word "freedom" and the way it's used.

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