Short daylog, meh.
Friday, 09/16/05 - 9:23 pm.

Well, I'm relieved. I had my Survey midterm tonight, and it went well, I think.

I had pizza for lunch, the ESJ treats the evaluators every year. The most important deal is that it meant I'm over with my social service. Still, I spent the morning very excited about it (I know, I'M A LOSER). I was stuffed, but it was all good. Afterwards, Michelle's boyfriend (he's not, but it's easier if we call him that) drove us to the university...

...where I finally could sit at my desk, in the instructors' cubicle. This nun came to ask me questions about the freudian hysteria, and I actually knew nothing, because the begginings of psychoanalysis were always a weakness in me (hey, hey, it's useless, and all his theories change afterwards, anyway). I was a little embarrassed, but I did what I could.

I'm thinking of sneaking out tomorrow afternoon to go see Joseph. I can't on sunday, for I'll have my friends coming over to work. Wish me luck, but mostly cleverness. I need a good excuse.

Wow, can you believe it? I'm out of things to say. I'm rather tired, that's all.


If you are the winner of this auction, you and a guest will be picked up by my crazy brother-in-law, Cody, in his huge hippie bus, and he will take you on what he calls, "The Ultimate Hippie Vacation!"

Okay, the deal is, my brother-in-law and his huge hippie bus moved into our backyard. AND WE WANT HIM OUT! Please help us by bidding on this auction! Every bid moves him one step farther out of our yard!

About my brother-in-law, he may be a little "touched in the head." He just showed up a few weeks ago (unannounced of course) from California and parked his Hippie Bus in our yard. Apparently, he was fleeing from some sort of alien or supernatural invasion or something like that. (If you win, he'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to explain that one to you.) Anyway, his bus really stands out up here in the Ozarks of NW Arkansas (not too many hippies around here), and the neighbors have started to "talk". It really didn't help matters much when, 2 weeks ago, we got a call from an elderly lady that lives down the road from us. She was out of breath and could barely get out the words: "I just saw Cody runnin' down the road "nekkid" as a jaybird! You best git your husband down here to fetch him or else I'm callin' the law!" Well, she did call the "law" and now he needs money for his newest court date. Oh yes, he has other "court dates" and if you schedule your vacation at just the right time, I'm sure he'd be happy to include one on the itinerary. And about the itinerary... he says he'll go wherever "the voices" tell him to go... So, your guess is as good as mine!
OMFGZ!!!!!!!!!11 (I just HAD to save that, when the link stops a very odd way, that's worth saving).

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