Thinking of moving, not moving, doing homework and being ruled by food.
Sunday, 09/18/05 - 9:17 pm.

This is my 3,200 entry in this diary. I'm thinking of getting a new one by january 1st, 2006. Angel says I shouldn't, and after all, it isn't necessary: my privacy hasn't been threatened and I'd probably stick to the same format, of "I did this and that, I think so and so". So I don't know. I'd like to start fresh, but I'd also hate to leave all what I've lived behind (just technically, for I'd save all my entries to my hard drive and then burn them on a CD).



The lights went out last night, hence I didn't add an entry. It was better, though, I had nothing to say, except I couldn't go see Joseph. I couldn't today either, because my friends came over today to work. We're going to kick ass this semester (I hope...).

One of our assignments consists of an analysis of the national situation, and my friends and I will make a research on the culture of violence. It's already set to be a public presentation at the end of the semester. This is why I said "kick ass" previously. We go on an ass-kicking spree when we all do our homework, and after today's meeting, we are. I used to complain about how everybody always let me down when it came to doing their part of the papers and researches...this time, it was Victor who started the motion, and everyone else is very into it, so for the first time, seems we're all in this together since the very beggining.

Today I visited a pro-ana website, in which a girl was saying that us non-anorexic people have our lives ruled by food. Sheesh, ok...

Speaking of, I'll go talk to a psychologist of the ESJ, who treats these cases. Irene, working there (as a PE teacher, but hopefully she'll be moved to the psych department), informed me they just detected a case in which an entire clique of "girlfriends" have that disease. By my readings on pro-ana sites, I've learned that something even more dangerous than an anorexic is a bunch of anorexics. No offense meant, but really. I understand it's a disease, etc. They still scare me.

I haven't talked to Joseph the whole weekend, but tomorrow we're meeting up for lunch (oh, no, it's true, food rules my life!!!) since I have to be at the university at 9:00 am, and I'm free by noon. I'll be putting out the money, because he's broke. He's always broke, obviously, having no regular income. Just for the record, I will not be getting married to a jobless man.

This was a pretty random entry, wasn't it? It was brought to you by the fact that I want to be cool :(

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