The almighty jesuit pick-up truck, etc.
Wednesday, 09/21/05 - 9:57 pm.

This has to be chronological. And it begins last night, when Joe told me he likes this girl, whom we shall call Sadie. I've mentioned her, she's his classmate. I told him, it really took you guys long. And I was relieved. And I was happy for him, and for her. They make a cute couple.

Ok, this morning, regarding the child abuse project: I felt like an insignificant mortal. Because I was riding in this huge pick-up truck, driven by Mr. PhD, and eminence. Next to him was Mr. Basket, who had made the contact with the school we were going to. Next to me was Sara, the lady in charge of the project. And then there was me, the loser. I was kind of wishing Victor had come along (he had an obligatory meeting), so I wouldn't feel so small.

I began seeing them like human beings when they started to talk about buying burned DVDs. No, actually, it was a lovely ride in the country, except for the landslides, and the extreme poverty, etc. It's rain season, so everything is green and muddy.

The school we'll be working at is run by nuns. Those nice, socially-aware nuns. They seem to need a lot of help with children and the big misconceptions they are taught by adults ("if dad beats up mom, it's because he cares about her"). Part of the idea of the project, aside from getting statistics, is to give something back from the community. So we'll see what we can do.

We'll be back on monday, to begin with the interviews. We'll hire a taxi because Mr. PhD is busy and he and his almighty jesuit pick-up truck won't be coming with us. Remember, it's a 45-minute drive.

Coming back to campus at nearly 11:30 am, I went to my brother's office, and he told me that he couldn't find the car keys. I gave him some moral support and took off to attend a small concert in front of the cafeteria, where Joe was. He wasn't playing, though. We were just talking. It's nice how he notices my necklaces and bracelets).

The girl Sadie showed up, and I turned around and said "aaaww" to him. He replied with the same thing. She waved at me and suddenly took the spot between Joe and me. I was going to move aside anyway, but there. Proof (because he'd said he wasn't sure she liked him back). I left the lovebirds alone. I went to buy lunch.

On my way to the coffeehouse, I ran into my brother, who was coming from there. He said the place was packed. See, he'd planned on leaving campus for lunch, and go see a soccer match somewhere, but the keys were nowhere to be found. So I told we had lunch together. We did. It was cool. And after all, he got to watch the first half of the match at the restaurant (it's more like a cafeteria, but who's counting?).

For the record, it's been a rainy day. And after lunch, I went to sit at my desk, in the instructor's cubicle, and slept for a while. It felt wonderful. I was tired from the morning trip, AND I had a cold. So I slept for maybe 20 minutes, waking every five minutes to decrease my embarrasment: three more people were in the cubicle. Except one was asleep. She must've slept for like 45 minutes. Oh, oh, she's Ve's girlfriend. She was asleep yesterday, too.

Irene came to keep me company. And then Priscilla. And then Victor and Michelle (I SWEAR they have a thing for each other). And we were studying for my Social II midterm, which was today also. We were having a lot of fun. And this instructor guy kept listening to our conversations and laughing with our jokes. He's pretty cool.

Before my midterm, I hung out with Joseph. He'd changed his everlasting denim jacket, because a friend of his got run over last night (somehow those two things connect). I asked him what he thought about me entering the guitar workshop again this semester, and he said he'd support me. I'm still thinking about that. I need time to do my stuff, but also, I haven't played guitar in a long time. Sadly, Joe won't be my instructor. But JC will be, he's like, the "maestro". So that's ok.

MIDTERM TIME! I coughed all through it, but I hope I'll get a decent grade. When I was leaving the classroom, Ve (she's my instructor for this subject, heh) turned to me and said she loved my shirt. It says "my imaginary friend thinks you have mental problems". I said thank you, and coughed my way out. I wish I could get to know her better, she's cool.

You know what's cool, too? SLEEPING! I'll go do that, it's been a long day, and because I focused on today's midterm, I'm behind on all my papers.

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