A very productive, rainy day.
Friday, 09/23/05 - 10:51 pm.

My brother and his family are already in the hospital. My niece sent me a message through her cell phone saying she was watching a movie. Last night, when she was still home, she told me she feared for their neighbor, Tex. He's an old man, who lives alone with his dog, and since the car accident about three years ago (which happened a few days after I'd met him, when I was in Houston) he's slightly handicapped. He tried to leave, but after four hours on the same spot, he turned back home. I felt so sorry for him.

But it seems the hurricane is getting weaker (though obviously is still a hurricane), and aside from my nephew's unbereable bad mood, I'm very positive. My brother sent a short e-mail, saying it was highly likely that their area would suffer the damage of a tropical storm, which in the end, is preferable to hurricane damage.


Speaking of, it's been raining all day. It doesn't take a hurricane to be on red alert here, and we already have a few deaths. Landslides and floods are quite common, and I fear a lot of people have lost their sensibility to that. Some even say "it's their fault for living on the edge of the creek". My God, what's so hard to understand about poverty? They-are-excluded! They have nowhere else to live! Jesus Christ.

Well, my interview with the mother of the kid I'll be evaluationg was this morning. Except it wasn't, she cancelled. It was raining too much and she couldn't make it. It was ridiculous, it rained non-stop for most of the morning. I was disappointed, but I got to be in the cubicle, working. There were two girls in it, one of which I already can have conversations with (the other is my classmate, so it wouldn't be an accomplishment).

I had lunch by myself. Oh, yes, Joseph didn't show up in campus yesterday, he had a throath inffection or something. So we called off our lunch together today. I had an AMAZING dish at the coffeehouse, though. I went before noon, so the place was practically for myself. The mozzarella crepes are the best thing I've ever had; and the moccaccino was incredible, too. I LOVE that place. Next time, I'll be going for a russian coffee, it's granita with chocolate syrup and ice cream. Like, WTF.

Meanwhile, it kept raining, and during my lunch I watched the street get flooded. After lunch, I went to the library to read newspapers. When I came out, nearly two hours later, I found a missed call from Joseph. I called him back. I just wanted to check on you...there's a sudden decree, all classes natinwide have been cancelled. Pretty stupid, if you have in mind that it was past noon, when most schools are out already, and the harm by the storm was done. Long story short, Joseph wasn't coming today, either. It wasn't worth it, indeed: it wouldn't stop raining (the afternoon was just drizzle) and he was still sick. I'll be seeing him on sunday, I'll sneak out somehow.

I took advantage of my Joseph-less time to do other pending stuff. It was a very productive day, spent mostly at the cubicle. But aside from the wonderful crepes, I bought the WISC-RM manual and star earrings. I have a fixation with earrings. I also made a cartoon on the corners of the pages of my anorexia book, and did other not-mention-worth assignment.

Mr. Basket sent me to get 50 photocopies of tomorrow's psychodynamics midterm, for which subject I'm an instructor, if you don't remember. I have to be there tomorrow at 9 am, making sure no one cheats. Mr. Basket will be away for an hour, so it's going to be just me. The midterms are in my backpack, I feel so powerful.

It's been a rather long day and I'm exhausted. So, uh, more later. Yeah.

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