A long and winding foggy day of floods and discarded ovules.
Monday, 09/26/05 - 9:58 pm.

Bonus comment: Joe told that girl (so-called Sadie) that he liked her. I encouraged him, saying it seemed to me they were overdue. It turned out she didn't like him back. Dammit.

This day has been long, long, long. And I'll make the long, long story short: in the morning I went to my Methods of Evaluation meeting, I had lunch by myself, and in the afternoon, Victor, Sara and I took a cab that drove us to the 45-minutes-away town, to start the interviews for the child abuse project.

The end. But not really.

I'm not mad at Victor anymore. I have my moments. But he's alright. We keep working, we have many, many assignments to do, and this isn't time to stop in the details. The funny thing is that his parts turn out to be the core of out papers and researches... that's good altogether, and bad when you remember what I said yesterday: he's always late.

We came back from that town at nearly 5 o'clock. The winding roads were foggy, and I feared the driver would drive us off a cliff. But we made it home (campus) safely, coming to find that a hurricane-like electrical storm had hit the city. My brother told me an electricity pole caught fire in campus, hence his office was in the dark.

Wait, I'm missing a huge detail. My period, very incoveniently, arrived today, almost at noon. I was scared it'd paralyze me and bent me, and make me throw up in the cab. I was in a excrutiating pain while interviewing children, but I survived.

Also, while I was interviewing a kid, my phone rang. It was Joseph, but I had to hang up, because I was with the kid. I called him back when I was back at campus. He'd call me to say he wouldn't make it because of the storm, and also wanted to check on me.

- Me: well, it's been a horribly long day, and to make it all worse, my period arrived.
- Joseph: really? Sorry about that. Oh, well, I can't do anything, though, it's your body.
- Me: that's not what you were saying yesterday afternoon.

When I came home at night, my parents kindly greeted me with horror stories of streets turning into rivers, and a man on unedited scenes getting out of the car through the window, seconds before his car was dragged by the water. I missed a big one.

Oh, oh! The Methods of Evaluation exam I took two weeks ago: I got the score today and I failed! On a personal plane, because I actually passed it, barely. I got 6.6. The professor said we shouldn't be discouraged (half of the class got 5 or less). I hear the lady. I sat in front row today, and I lent her my mechanical pencil when she was taking assistance; I handed her the schedule page and nodded everytime she turned to me. So there, I'm on my way to rise and succeeding.

Well, fuck, I am exhausted. And tomorrow I have to go interview children again, the entire afternoon (and then come to class, ugh). Darn that Sara lady. But I get paid for that, AND, it's a good experience. AND, Mr. PhD will drive us, and that's always a plus, except, or maybe because, he drives very fast. That's funny. I see him more and more like a high-quality human being everyday (before, it was high-quality eminence).

This is one of those moments in which I have SO MUCH to do that I'll end up doing nothing. Good night, God save the Queen, etc.

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