Anyway, thank you for having me in your thoughts.
Wednesday, 09/28/05 - 9:15 pm.

Today I was asked by Ve to write something, a play, for the Cathartic Festival, which is a humorous show to celebrate Psychologist's Day.

This show is usually organized by the 5th year (nearly graduating) students. I have decided to skip in this diary all the DRAMA that goes on in the career of psychology, among certain groups. But part of it comes down to the fact that there's a psychology students association that seems to have taken upon itself the responsibility to organize the festival. 5th year-ers aren't happy with that, of course. And a lot of things have complicated the conflict. Even Mr. PhD (THE authority of the psychology department) is involved.

I am not involved, you see. But by taking this request of writing something, I might be. Because it's supposed to be something against the student association, or so I was told that could be the main idea. And while I honestly do not agree with their role, I'd hate to take sides. Also, the head of that association (the association herself, actually), who happens to be this Marcela girl I've mentioned before, also has plans for my writing in the festival.

So I have this awful "responsibility" of pleasing the two sides in conflict. I have four choices: please one, please the other, try to please both, or piss off both to leave me alone. I lose, anyway.

I'll see what I can do. The bottom line is that it has to be a parody.

PS: my guitar workshop started today. It was all right. I liked something that JC said, regarding playing guitar: it's better CAN than KNOW.

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