I only have time to write in bullets.
Thursday, 09/29/05 - 9:25 pm.

Highlights of my day:

- Breakfast with uncle (and hearing a long, long conversations about politics with my dad)

- Interview with the mother of the 14 year-old boy I'll be evaluating this semester at the clinic in campus. It went ok, but I'm really scared.

- Lunch with aphonic Joseph. Now HE IS TRENT, from Daria, for sure. I knew it.

- A movie in the afternoon, for which I have to write a 10-page essay about fatalism and culture of poverty (not sure if that's the terms in english, and I'm too lazy to find out). It was a mexican soap-opera turned into black and white movie, tragedy after tragedy for two hours and a half. Everything goes so wrong that the guy can't even kill himself.

- Between that and my 6:30 class, I spent it back and forth with my friends and Joseph.

- After class, while waiting for my brother, I saw Joe talking to the girl he likes (whom we call Sadie). That made me happy, because as you may not recall, he told her he liked her and she said it wasn't the other way around. But I've been talking to Joe, and he might have a chance. I heard them laughing, and they were alone (at a very isolated spot). Last thing I heard was Joe screaming, in a good mood, I will not give up, you know?. I felt kind of sorry for myself (I'm pathetic, yes), because I've always liked him and by listening to him, and giving him advice on how to hook up with the girl, I feel like I'm giving him up. But fuck, I have Joseph. If Joe was supposed to be in my life, romantic-wise, he would've been in the same way as Denver was (except probably I'd have been the one to hurt him...in which case, would be nice that we didn't cross paths before). Or I think so, anyway.

My days become longer and longer, but I make no progress on anything. They're longer, but I have less time.

My dad turns 69 tomorrow.

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