I avoided having an Ego Split.
Friday, 09/30/05 - 10:11 pm.

A lot of childish drama is going on in the career of psychology. It gets old, you know? The latest is that the Festival was cancelled, by word of Mr. PhD. 5th year-ers are furious.

I, for one, feel relieved that I don't have to choose between writing a script for them or for the other party of the conflict.

That means I won't have to take sides, and I'll have my time and effort to dedicate myself to more important stuff. And that's what I'll be doing right now.

Joseph couldn't come today, but it was raining, anyway. Instead, I kept running into Joe, I saw him since I arrived to my guitar lessons, then he came to visit me to my cubicle, and then I saw him on his way to class, while I was near my classroom. I even confessed to Michelle that I liked him, and briefly explained her my story with him.

My dad turns 69 today, and I feel alone in the Survey research. Victor is very indiferent, and I think he's sick of me pushing; Michelle is the biggest supporter, whereas the other girl we're supposedly teaming up with, rarely approaches and hasn't contributed on anything (I know, give her the boot...I'm hoping she'll be advised to retire the subject for the semester).

Ok! Back to work now!

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