Wednesday, 10/05/05 - 8:34 pm.

Day of floods again. The light doesn't change at all through the day. It's the same at 7 am, 12 noon and 5:30 pm.

I didn't update yesterday because the internet was down. But it was the same as today. Except today I had to cancel the appointment at the clinic; I was going to meet my patient (he's not really a patient, as I'll be just evaluating him), the 14-year old boy. But it was too much trouble getting to the university, and then I'd have had to stay there all day waiting for my brother. The lady had already cancelled once, because of the rain, so I figured she'd have done the same today, considering all streets are flooded or covered in mud.

Unfortunately, I think I'm a little behind schedule. And everyday of the week, around this time, I start to wonder if there'll be class the day after. Every morning I wake up to the sound of rain and the desperate news on the radio, and that's how I know there'll be no class. On a personal level, I like this weather. But we could disappear from the map if things continued like this.

Oh, and some walls in my house may start to fall apart. Water is filtering, to the point of making the paint run. Such is life.

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