I feel important, but also very, very stupid.
Friday, 10/07/05 - 10:26 pm.

There was a 5.8 richter this morning. Also, I got an 8 in my Survey midterm, which automatically makes me a failure. I'm slowly getting lower grades, and this worries me,

Joseph didn't come visit me today to the university, but he says we'll talk about that on sunday. He's had a rought day, apparently. Oh, yeah, I am going to his house on sunday, after studying with my peers.

I had guitar lessons today. But first I arrived to the instructors cubicle to leave my backpack. Ve called me and told me to approach to her desk, where she was sitting: we have a question about you...do you have a goal in life?. I said, wholeheartedly, "no". I knew it, she said. I didn't ask who "we" were, but I was flattered that someone thought about me, enough to wonder if I had a goal in life. Oh, and she calls me "John Lennon".

When I came back from guitar lessons (they were all right), she and another girl, another instructor, asked me to join them on their little trip to the university bookstore. Aw, I felt so special. And later on, I showed her a cartoon I drew on post-its. She was jumping to it, and Jerry said she looked retarded. I'm making the special effects. Jerry said, there are some things called "movies", you know?, to which she replied this (my cartoon) was better. Lord, I think I have a crush on a lesbian.

I have in my backpack a few essays from the Psychodynamics students. Mr. Basket gave me all the guidelines to evaluate them. I feel sort of important and poweful, but also overloaded. And a loser, as well, for getting an 8 in Survey.

So, the end.

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