A happy afternoon with the Tatus (heh).
Monday, 10/10/05 - 9:32 pm.

It's been such a lovely day (aw). On mondays I have to attend a Methods of Evaluation meeting from 9 to 11 am. Afterwards, I had lunch by myself. I went to Burger King, which (as I've mentioned) is like thirty-something steps from the university main gate.

After that, I came back to the cubicle, where I'd left my backpack, and there was this guy, a 5th year-er. We didn't talk much. We exchanged a few words, but he was nearly napping and I was working, using my MP3 player (yay).

The enviroment lifted up when Ve and her girlfriend arrived to the cubicle. I didn't know much her girlfriend, whom we'll call MR. Joseph refers to them as T.A.T.U.

Anyway, they arrived. Before you know it, we were listening to my MP3 player, with the volume all the way up (not much, considering it was still coming from earphones, but it was hear-able), and talking about anything and everything. They're really cool, and funny. They're the kind of people I love to make laugh, and I actually do it often.

They have a wonderful taste in music, too! MR was singing along to Beatles songs, knew about the "Paul Is Dead" hoax LOVES STEVEN TYLER (!!!), and was singing along to Aerosmith songs that are not known to the general public. All three of them were also singing along to the Rolling Stones, and such. We even burned incense! I'd brought a stick, because the cubicle has a particular smell, that's not offensive, but you sort of feel like taking a new breath. Anyway, all that was kind of new to me, and I liked it.

The guy left, and long story short, I spent nearly the whole afternoon, over two hours, with the Tatus (heh). They're very clever, and they tend to swear a lot, but we hit it off very well. MR says Ve and I are a lot alike: for example, we both have four siblings and are the last child, we're inclined for social psychology, and have an affinity to reading and writing.

At 4:30, Mr. Basket has his Psychodynamics class. He knew he wasn't able to make it on time, so he'd told me on friday to please show up to class and do something while he arrived. I thought I'd go and tell the students to read their Carl Jung texts, that I'd come back before the class ended and we'd make a quiz of what they'd read. They freaked out, but I assured them it'd be quite easy.

In reality, I wasn't going to make a quiz, but I was going to tell them when the class was up. I just said it so they'd dedicate their hour to make progress, because they're really, really behind. I was going to show up at 5:20 and told them to fuck off, but when I came to the classroom at 5:10, Mr. Basket was already there. So my little joke didn't work. At least Ve and MR thought it was brilliant. Seriously, it sounded a whole lot better when I said it in the cubicle.

I'm really sorry to know this is their last semester, they're about to graduate. They're so cool to hang out with. Joseph fears I'll become a lesbian, because two of his girlfriends turned out to be such. But nah. I could be bisexual (after all, I have a slight crush on a girl -Ve-, a slight crush on a boy -Joe-, and I'm in love with my boyfriend)...but I doubt it, because it's purely emotional, no sexual attraction involved.

I ran into Denver today. He was coming down the stairs and I was going up; he passed me by and said "you'd better start learning about anger". He sort of grabbed my arm for a split second, just the time it took for us to walk by each other, having in mind he was sort of running. I take it he was upset over something. Me, I had his fingers on my skin for less than a second, but that left me a certain rush. I really did have strong feelings for him once. Hard to believe now.

Well, I shall be on my way to read two more psychodynamics essays, and make progress on my assignments. Maybe. I need to read for a sorta-midterm next monday, and I have to get up early because in the morning I'm going to a certain institute that harbors children that have suffered all kinds of abuse. On account of the child abuse project. I'm not very thrilled.

So long, farewell.

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