My own boyfriend puts those ideas in my head.
Friday, 10/14/05 - 11:04 pm.

Sometimes the add-an-entry screen shows up, and I realize I don't remember what I did all day at all.

I went to get a new passport in the morning, actually. It was such a relief to wake up and stay in bed for a while, though. This is the first time this week that I had a chance to sleep in.

While I was waiting for my passport to be issued, I visited this extraordinary toy store, that's incidentally next to the store Joseph used to work at. That toy store is small, and it has alternative toys, so to speak. I bought a cat figure for Joseph, and a fox figure for me. But they were $7.36 altogether and that hurt me. They were like the size of the thumb, and I was stupid enough not to ask how much they cost before I got them. I would've bought only Joseph's.

He wasn't coming to see me today, because after yesterday's death scare with his dad, he wanted to spend time with him. That could've given me more time to work on my stuff, but Mr. Basket showed up and asked me to look after the Psychodynamics class, because he had some emergency with a tooth or whatever. So I gave the students something to do (I made a strange joke, but let's skip that), some sort of quiz. One girl there hates me. She fnished her paper and gave it to someone else to give it to me. She's hated me since the pre-university course. I guess she thought (and thinks) my friends and I are elitists or something.

Since Mr. Basket, aside from being my "boss" is my Social Psychology professor, there was no such class either. So I spent that hour in the cubicle, with Victor, Michelle and Priscilla, and with a couple of guys coming here and there. It would've been perfect to have Irene, it would've been the five of us sitting on desks, laughing out loud, like the place was ours.

After Survey, before I met with my brother to get back home, I had to go back to the cubicle, I'd forgotten something. Ve and her girlfriend MR were there (I swear I can't get to call them T.a.t.u., as Joseph does). They praised my drawings on the chalkboard, and that was cool. MR especially is hooked on them, and wants me to keep doing them. Don't let the losers even touch the chalk, we'll put on a sign, this is yours. Uh, ok. Yay. But I don't plan on telling Joseph this. He insists they're hitting on me.

I also won't tell him Ve poke my hipbone with her finger, while I was sitting on a desk and she was walking into the cubicle. You see, that's nothing. My friend Angel is a faithful witness that people in this country are like that (I remember him saying people were cold in Canada...cold, relationship-wise speaking), they tend to hug and pick at stomachs and put arms around each other. Of course, it requires some confidence to do that, but, but...YEAH, OK, IT FREAKED ME OUT.

It wasn't innapropiate, you see. I think it just caught me by surprise. I'm very fond of my personal space and Joseph is the only one who can break into it (sometimes), and that made me freak out about getting poked in my hipbone. It was a "hello" from her, actually, to catch my attention, because she was going to tell me something about Social Psychology class.


I'm feeling a little creative right now (Simeon-creative), but I have to finish an essay AND STUDY FOR A GODDAMNED MIDTERM ON MONDAY. It's Methods of Evaluation, and I really, really, really need a good grade. So, uh, bye.

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