A case of plagiarism, which was both entertaining and pathetic.
Sunday, 10/16/05 - 9:50 pm.

I found a funny case of plagiarism in one of the psychodynamics essays I'm checking. This gal stole Freud's biography from a website, and two, TWO different descriptions of the book she'd supposedly chosen to make her paper on. Yes, I took the time to write next to those paragraphs the links to the sites.

You see, at first the writing hit me, and I thought, "wow, this is really good". Suddenly, Freud's biography appears: (1856-1936) austrian psychiatrist, etc, B. 1856 in so and so, D. in 1936 in so and so. I circled the B ("born") and the D ("died") and drew an arrow pointing at the words copy & paste, right?. Her writing after the biography was absolutely nothing like the first two pages, which were about the novel and the character. It was horrendous.

I had a lot of fun when I wrote, at the end, along with the grading criteria: all the well-written parts don't belong to you, and simply, your essay lacks credibility. It was an awful paper, even without the plagiarism. So she got 1.97 out of 10. And that's *still* giving her too much credit.

I went to Irene's house this afternoon. And then I went out with my family for dinner, we were taking out the granddaughter of a woman in Panama who took upon her the responsability to look after my dad, mom and siblings when they were in exile, when the civil war was beggining. About this time of the year, 25 years ago, my dad received death threats, so after a couple of weeks, he left. Then my mom joined him, and my siblings joined them for christmas. My dad always tells me he remembers coming down from his apartament and seeing in a newspaper stand that John Lennon had been shot.

I have a WISC exam tomorrow. I hate Methods of Evaluation, right? but I feel sort of confident for this one. AngelGuy already took that subject, in 2003, so he lent me his exam. I corrected his mistakes and I'm a little more connected with the manual and everything.

So, um, bye. Or something.

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