Time flies, but I don't, and my boyfriend is nice.
Tuesday, 10/25/05 - 10:30 pm.

I swear this has been the fastest month ever. It's like I jumped from october first to october 23rd. November is fast approaching, and I regret not enjoying what could've been the best semester of my life, because of the child abuse project that sucks me in.

Also, I'm behind on my schedule. All of it.

On the bright side, I got a perfect score on a group research plan, and it's almost paycheck-time.

Tomorrow I finish applying the WISC to my patient, I'll be having lunch by myself, will skip guitar lessons, show up at the psychodynamics class to entertain the students (by giving them their essays and telling them about Erich Fromm), and then I'll be taking my Social Psychology midterm.

Where does Joseph come in? Nowhere :(. Actually, we were supposed to have lunch tomorrow, but we will on thursday. I know it's fucked up that I don't have time for him anymore, but...I don't know. I apologize to him constantly, but I also expect him to understand, which he sort of does. He'd probably understand me better if he had something to do with/in his life, too (I know it's harsh, but I can't find a way to make it sound softer). Then again, if he did have something to do (a job, I mean), I would see him even less. This relationship is a dilemma.

But fuck, seriously. All in all, he's a wonderful boyfriend. He doesn't really complain, and instead, encourages me and tells me he's proud of me. So I shouldn't complain about him either.

Anyway, time to prepare for tomorrow.

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