It's going so fast.
Wednesday, 10/26/05 - 9:18 pm.

This is my favorite weather ever, and today I had my second Social Psychology midterm. I believe I did ok. But before that, I went to entertain the students of the psychodynamics class, with my awesome (NOT) instructor superpowers.

Unfortunately, I couldn't see Joseph. My friends did, but they're not dating him, are they? I feel really bad. I haven't seen him this week, except for five minutes yesterday, and we are like three buildings apart in campus.

I feel like writing something non-academical, but I'm tied to tomorrow's 7:15 am trip to the abandonded children shelter, and to studying for a short exam on monday. I haven't worked on my anorexia research for two weeks now, which automatically makes a loser.

This is endless, and yet time is running out fast.

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