Long, useless day with gaps, and stuff-talk.
Thursday, 10/27/05 - 10:35 pm.

This was a frantic day, and yet I accomplished nothing. It was because I spent the morning interviewing abused children, and the afternoon running useless errands that left no benefit.

The only good spot was meeting with Joseph for lunch. And maybe finding a new book on anorexia at the library (this was big, because it's the disorder I've chosen to work on, but I'm not the only who chose that one, so all books are reserved or already checked out).

And also, getting myself a new bracelet: it's two rows of red butterflies. I was on a rather sad capitalist compulsiveness pahse, after visting the Hot Topic website last night. I'm not a Hot Topic person (meaning, I don't belong to their social-demographic target, thankfully), but sometimes they have cool stuff. However, prices start at $5, and seriously, I can get similar, or even better stuff, at lower prices, outside campus. Not everything, but most of the things I wear, which is earrings, rings, necklaces, chokers and bracelets.

Also, I bought a bracelet for my niece. It's the same style as mine, except it was baby blue moons instead of red butterflies. For my nephew, I got a thin black bracelet, made by a hippie who sits at the campus gate and makes stuff. He's funny, that Morrison guy. He's high most of the time.

So, anyway, my day was awful, in the sense that it was long and I could've done a lot of things. I did none, really, and I'm in panic right now, because november is approaching.

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