Hang on, the worst month is fast approaching.
Friday, 10/28/05 - 10:04 pm.

Next week will define the rest of my semester, schedule-wise. This is driving me nuts.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to make time for other activities, not related to the university. It's not going so well, except for the fact that I'll see Joseph on sunday. We haven't spend much time together this week, so I'll make up for it. I'm expecting my period, just for the record.

Tomorrow morning, I'm having lunch with my sister-in-law and then I'm going to *watch* the psychodynamics students take their midterm. Mr. Basket confused my name in class today, so I wasn't sure if he was talking to/about me, something regarding Freud and the Over-I. It was an akward moment, I hate it when people confuse my name.

Irene's taken distance from everything, including us. I think she's not having a blast this semester, but the worst part is that she's lost all balance, and she's already a very desorganized person. I'm worried about her, she doesn't even attend class anymore.

I'm so, so drained.

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