I'n spite of being bloody, it was a wonderful sunday.
Sunday, 10/30/05 - 8:13 pm.

My, it's been such a nice day. I LOVE windy weather. My period arrived, though, so it ruined everything for a while. But I went on with my life, mostly.

I feared I'd throw up, because I treated my brother to Subway for lunch. Given that my parents were out of town for the day, I had also a facility to go out without having to make up an excuse. I say to my brother "I'm going out for a while", and he says "cool". Cool.

I almost didn't go to Joseph's house, because the cramps were killing me. I signed in and found him online, so I explained him. He called me, and we had a quick fight, over nothing really. Just my stupid mood. But we made up, and I told him I was going to go to his house. He said that, in my state, I could have a car accident, so I'd better stay home. I want to see you, I said.

Half an hour later, I showed up at his house. It was a wonderful afternoon, with clothes on. I liked that, we were just cuddling, and he's just so fun to watch TV with (he captions what people say, we were watching this story of a ship that sunk, and the captain was on the screen, and Joseph was saying: that's what I get for being an alcoholic!!! My ship, I must sink with it, for I am the captain!!!).

In spite of my pathetic state, that kept me laying in his bed most of the time, it could pretty much be one of the best afternoons I've spent with him. The weather outside his huge windows is my favorite, and he was being hilarious, and he was holding me and giving me massages, and telling me how much he loved me and wanted me to marry him. Aw, I love him so much. I want more days like today.

And good news continue: I am not going to the 45-minute-away town tomorrow!!! And I will not have my patient at the clinic on wednesday because it's a holiday!!! I feel so happy right now. Look, I'll even give you more gratuitous exclamation marks: !!!!!.

Yes. Bye.

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