Peace, if just for today.
Tuesday, 01/03/06 - 11:28 pm.

Whew, it's been a good day. No, really. I got a Calvin & Hobbes book and Life of Pi (because Angel said I should), on a quick trip to B&N; my niece had asked me to please get two books for her, that she'd forgotten to get. I also had to go to the next block, to drop a letter that the mailman left at our house by mistake.

Anyway, I'm relieved. Today my little nephew and I spent the day doing some housework and doing miscellanous activities for our entertainment. I did laundry, and we cooked lunch. My niece arrived from school at 4, while my nephew went to his appointment with the psychologist (psychiatrist, I believe, but he calls her that). He came home for dinner, and he was in a good mood.

And basically, the three kids were in a good mood. They helped with the table and the dishes, and we watched Whose Line.... My nephew told me he had a headache, "probably because I talked too much at the psychologist's today...but she prescribed me new meds, which is a good thing". Oh, man, it breaks my heart. But I'm glad he's coming along.

It took the kids like an hour to go to bed. My nephew started his homework at 10 pm, but there were no conflicts about that.

And thus, I can say today has been a peaceful day. As I wrote to my family back home today, they get by as good as they can, obviously always expecting, knowing it's highly unpredictable when and why he's gonna snap...but life goes on, and my nephew's still the person he used to be, a bit more grown and more confused, as every teenager, which isn't exactly 100% pleasant, but...he was happy today. There will be good days like this one again.

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