Driving, blue hair, and an awful teen to face.
Friday, 01/06/06 - 5:55 pm.

Today I drove FOUR times, the first time being that I dropped my nephew and niece at school. The second time being coming back home after that.

Finally my little nephew and I got around going shopping to TJ Maxx, which isn't really that far, so we went walking. I only need to exchange a bunch of socks for him at some other store, and then I can mail the receipts to the airline that never found my little nephew's luggage.

We came home, had lunch and I dyed a lock of hair blue. OMGYAY! Except it's spray, and it kind of fucks up the hair, it leaves it stiff. It's just colored hairspray, what the fuck.

So, the third time I drove was to pick up my niece, and the fourth was bringing her home. I must admit, I loved driving here, it's peaceful, and people respect you.

My nephew had let me know he was going off with his friends after school. Do your parents know?, I asked, as he was getting out of the car in the morning. Yes, he replied.

But, when my brother and his wife came from work, I overheard them, and it turns out the kid did not ask for permission. Typical in him now, and I can only imagine the hell it's gonna be when he comes back home at any second now. I'm dreading it, I foresee another "episode", in which all of his actions (from not doing his homework to hitting and threatening with knives) are justified, he can do what he pleases, and everybody is evil, evil, evil, as he loves to say, and is always on top of him and never leave him alone.

I'm so disappointed he turned out like this, all disrespectful and with "hollier-than-thou" attitudes, and I'm scared the same could happen to my niece is a couple of years, when she hits the teens. Perhaps this new awful behaviors are part of his "psychiatric condition" -let's put it this way until he's old enough to get a diagnosis-, but I can't help thinking this is also a "normal" teen pattern here.

I wish he was a bit more aware.

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