Saturday, 01/07/06 - 11:05 pm.

Today was all about running away. The worst happened in the morning, when my nephew got violent, and started hitting his parents.

It lasted a couple of hours, but it freaked me out, because my brother had to fight back. I had an awful glimpe of him putting his foot on my tearful nephew's chest, who was lying on the floor. God, it was a nightmare, because it looked like he was a battered child. My brother had to stay on top for him for so long, because if he let go of my nephew, he was going to go look for knives and hurt his mom.

My sister in law was making phone calls, and they were talking about taking him to the hospital. He wasn't going to give in, of course. I didn't hear the arguments, because those happened in my brother's room, but later on I heard them both screaming, hitting each other, and at some point I thought my brother was choking his son.

He escaped, and ran to the kitchen to get a knife. My little nephew was watching, and my brother, tense, tearful and pissed off, screamed at me, to get him out of here. I took him for a walk, with the dog.

When I came back, I found my niece seating on a bench outside the house. She was crying. I held her, and she just said, "I hate all this". Something came up while I wasn't home, something about my nephew taking drugs. "My daddy was crying, I'd never seen him doing that", she said.

It was nearly 1 o'clock. I got the car keys, and took both kids outside the house. Went to Randall's, Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles. We came back home at about 4, and then went outside again, to the park. We came at almost 7.

During all that time, my nephew threw scissors, and the cops and an ambulance came. He was going to be taken to the hospital, but he was sedated.

I need to go right now.

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