No, please, not again.
Sunday, 01/08/06 - 9:35 pm.

When I cut off my entry last night, I was sent to lock myself in my niece's bedroom, with her and my little nephew. My nephew had been sedated and he was going to be awoken to be fed. He hadn't eaten the whole day, because his crisis had begun nearly as soon as he woke up in the morning, and he was literally put to sleep at around 3 or 4 pm (it was almost 11 pm when I cut off).

My sister in law decided that the three of us slept locked up. I thanked her secretely, because honestly, I was scared of my nephew. Although he's never jumped into me, it's always aimed at his mom, dad and sister.

So, um, today. It was horrible again. It started out ok. He was very calm, and even approached me, which he hadn't. He was being very friendly, and wanted to come with me and my little nephew to the mall. I actually drove there. And we ran some errands.

We came back at noon, and my brother and his wife took him "somewhere". I knew they were going to take him to a hospital, but almost 20 minutes later they got back. My little nephew asked, "where'd you go?". Nowhere, my brother replied. Right then, my nephew stormed in, and ripped apart a door that my brother placed in the living room empty frame. He shook it and shook it until he broke the hooks and it came off.

I heard him yelling at his parents in the kitchen, about how they were doing this to him, "I hate you", he was saying to his mom, "I hate you, and I'd kill you if I didn't love you...". Etc. He was refusing to take his medicine. I told my niece to get her things together, that we were leaving, but she locked herself in the bathroom. My brother told me to go without her, she was going to stay there. Go for a walk, or something.

So my little nephew and I went for a walk. We went to the bird sanctuary, and we sat on a bench. I fell asleep and he played on his Gameboy. I was making time, because I'd heard they'd called the police again. I wanted to stay, but since my little nephew doesn't understand what's going with his cousin, I have to keep him away from seeing all this.

We thought we were locked in the sanctuary, but, err, no. We came back home, and things were ok. My nephew had fallen asleep, and they were actually worried about us.

At night, we went out for dinner. My nephew seemed happy, and before we left the house, I saw him talking calmly to his mom, and smiling and giving her a hug. Dinner was nice, and everybody was happy. However, we came home, and he stirred an argument again. I don't know how it got settled, but my brother and his wife could sneak out and go for a walk.

Um, well...thanks for listening.

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