No peace-and-quiet yet.
Tuesday, 01/10/06 - 12:08 pm.

My niece will be staying home tomorrow from school. She's been rather moody lately, but it'd be strange if she wasn't, having in mind everything that's been going on since friday. In fact, she's been holding herself together even better than anyone would expect.

These nights and mornings I've heard her cry, talking to his parents, and today she refused to go to school. She went in the end, but skipped two periods. I had to drive her there at 10 am. Aside from the emotional rollercoaster that this home is (because of my nephew's, dare I say, illness), she's been overloaded with homework, that sometimes cannot be finished. So, yeah, she's taking a break tomorrow. That's all right, then.

Today I didn't have time to myself either. I had to drive my niece, and then take my little nephew shopping, because he was bored and my sister in law suggested I went and bought him something he could entertain himself with. The poor kid gets bored to death in here; I cannot always play with him, so he watches too much TV or plays with his Gameboy, or in the computer.

Money has been an issue of mine, since I still haven't seen a penny from the refund the airline was supposed to give me, for losing my little nephew's luggage. HEY, CONTINENTAL, YOU WON'T FIND IT, GET OVER IT AND PAY ME. My brother says he'll give me what I've spent on replacing the kid's stuff, and he'll have the "refund" when they airline pays. I wonder, what if they don't. Oh, they have to, he replies, and he's good at claiming his rights.

Anyway, I was is an issue, so my sister in law gave me $20, that I was refusing to accept. I hate it that they spend money on me. Take it now while I'm still employed, she said. That confirmed what my brother had told me, she's quitting her job to stay home and look after the kids, especially my nephew. We talked about it, and she says it's a must, and she's willing to do it. Fortunately, she will continue taking a class, and she might even sign up for another one.

All right, so, when my little nephew and I came back from shopping, we had lunch and both of us, along with my sister in law went to school, because my niece was getting some award. It was a lame ceremony, but we got free ice cream.

Long story short, I've had no time for myself lately. Maybe it's selfish of me, I admit it, but I was used to it. Not too many days ago, I was remembering the glory days in which I came to Houston by myself (no little nephew to look after): I'd prepare lunch with whatever was at hand, and I'd sit in the sunlight coming through the window, to get warm as I watched Rendez-View and Days Of Our Lives.

Those days will not come back.

BUT, I'm seeing Aerosmith in 13 days. OMG, NOOOO!!!! I mean, YESSSS!!!!

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