Lalalalala. LA!
Wednesday, 01/11/06 - 11:14 pm.

In retrospective, since monday days have been good, children-mood-wise. Everything's been well, except for the damn fact that things keep coming in the way, and so I have no privacy, to sit down and write. I feel like writing, you know, and I have a bunch of stupid ideas that I'll end up discarding, but for now, I need a space to myself.

My niece stayed home from school today, and she mostly caught up with homework. I sorta helped her with a project, yay. On the other hand, my sister in law will take six weeks off work to be in charge of the house. Starting this monday. There goes my last hope for privacy in the mornings. Tomorrow a housecleaning lady is coming for most of the day, which means I'll be tip-toeing around the house.

Other than that, and the money I'm lacking, no problem. I'm thinking of some issues, but I'll figure those out when I leave Houston, and thankfully, that won't be this nor next week. 'Night.

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