On tip-toe.
Monday, 01/16/06 - 12:31 am.

One has to be very careful with these children, because they explode at nothing. Today I spent it somewhat nervous, fearing that either my niece or nephew would engage in one those nearly violent arguments against their mom. It was about to happen a couple of times, but it wasn't a major deal in the end. Thank the Lord for that.

My brother is working a 36-hour shift at the hospital this weekend, so it was just my sister in law, the three kids and yours truly at home. It was actually a long day, come to think of it. We had a few activities to kill time, though, like giving the dog a bath, going to mass, making pudding and playing Clue. I usually don't go to mass, for no other reason than I don't feel like it, but I go mostly to support my sister in law. Today there was this baby in the row in front of us, he looked like an irish gnome and I was trying not to laugh out loud.

I'm boomed about tomorrow, it's a holiday, so the kids will be home again. That means that here comes another day of being alert and ready to endure their whims. It's particularly annoying the homework issue with my niece, but hopefully she'll get at it tomorrow...although I foresee her throwing fits at 10 pm over it.

I'm boomed, you see, because I need some fucking time on my own. I need some time to think, although I've discovered...well, I already knew this, so I've just reassured the fact that I am not creative. At all. Fuck this shit, I say.

On a stronger note, I haven't said this in a long time, so here it is: I am very in love in Joseph, and I miss him a lot. We talk a few times a week, and it's all good. Have I mentioned he attended a Stone Temple Pilots concert? He did, back in his glory days when he was in Los Angeles and Weiland's hair was red. Joseph's very fond of the early 90's, you know? I was still solving my Oedipus complex while he was already living on the fast lane, as it's said in my hometown.

Anyway, bye.

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