It's the 19th, actually, but who's counting?
Tuesday, 01/17/06 - 10:51 pm.

Today it seemed like my birthday. I got a very funny card from my brother in El Paso, along with $60; a John Lennon DVD from Angel (argh, he locked his diary again, so I can't link him...loser), although that's a belated christmas present; and finally, A CALL FROM ANGIE!!!

She thought my birthday was tomorrow, and I didn't have the heart to tell her it's in two days. She was overly excited.

I'm afraid I haven't mentioned her for quite a while, as she left my little gang at the university and moved to Minnesota for good with her family. She's so sweet, she thought I was at home, and since I wasn't, she asked for my brother's phone number. She's still the lovely girl I met like four years ago (around this date), and I wish I could see her again.


Since I'm already thinking of the next semester, I went to B&N I bought two books for my research in Abnormal Psychology II. I've chosen the obssessive-compulsive disorder. My nephew went too, and afterwards we went to Walgreens for he wanted to buy some toy. I love that place, for some reason (which I obviously can't put in words), and I need to go there again, because temporary hair-dye was on sale. Ooohh, yay.

Today is my sister in law's first day of her time-off from work, and at times it felt like she wasn't here at all, because she spent most of the time in her bedroom catching up with phone calls and paperwork. I picked up the kids in the afternoon, after my errands, and for a while it seemed like a weekend; having my SIL and the kids in the house isn't pretty sometimes, because the tension builds up and eventually one of the kids explode.

There were a few minor explosions, indeed, and at some point I heard my nephew crying. I take it it had something to do with him not wanting to go to the psychiatrist anymore, "because they make me talk a lot". I saw him red-eyed afterwards, but I wasn't going to say anything. Unfortunately, we're not very close, emotionally speaking.

JUST FIVE DAYS UNTIL THE AEROSMITH CONCERT!!! My brother asked this morning what was up with my face, "you're glowing", and he thought it was because the date is fast approaching. I wasn't doing anything with my face, really, he tends to make stuff up. It's like a freudian projection, or something. I bet he's excited, too, even if he claims they suck.


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