Why, let me legally thank y'all.
Thursday, 01/19/06 - 10:38 pm.

My first day as a 21 year-old began with a short segment on the Today Show about Aerosmith on tour. I got pretty shocked when I watched footage from a concert in Atlanta, because I realized on monday I will be in one myself. I'm nervous.

I didn't get birthday hugs, but my sister in law approached and sorta put her arms around me. My niece said happy birthday as she was having breakfast, my nephew patted me on the shoulder, and my brother only said I was getting old; my little nephew said nothing, but he knew. My birthday celebration was a cake and an envelope with $30 and a cute card inside. I was afraid the kids would be in a bad mood to take time and eat cake, because especially my niece had shown signs of that...but it was the opposite in the end, and everybody was merry. Yay for that, I say.

My family called, my friend Angel called me from Canada, and I received quite a few greetings; one being from Veronica, which made me so, so, happy. There's a few people I wish I could've gotten an e-mail from, but it's ok. Joseph sent something that said: Happy!!!! Love!!! Of my life!!!. I realize how bizarre that is, but at least that kept him from having mistakes in his spelling (which are horrible, I tell you, and me standing them are strong proof of my love for him).

For dinner, I stuffed myself with nachos, and my brother handed me glass of amaretto and orange juice. I can't stand liquor, honestly. I drank most of it because I felt with a certain status, but it gave me a slight headache, and every sip was a mule kicking me in the face.

My sister in law bought me flowers, too, only she didn't give them to me, she put them in vases around the house. It's best that way.

And, um...the end. I don't feel any different, really.

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