In which I'm home alone eating "kissables".
Friday, 01/20/06 - 7:15 pm.

I bought a very, very crappy temporary hair-dye. Actually, two. Two of them. Dammit.

On a less futile note, this is my last week in Houston. Ack. As usual, I'm 100% ambivalent on this issue. But say, on days like today, when the kids are in a good mood and don't treat their parents like old rags, it's great to be here. It's also cool when I straighten my niece's hair, because we sort of bond.

Right now I'm alone in the house. The kids went rollerskating, and my sister in law had some sort of get-together (my brother, too, but it seems he decided to stay with the kids, much to her upset-ment). My niece was going with her friends, and since my little nephew wanted to go, my big nephew volunteered. That's very sweet of him, I hate that it's rare seeing him at his best, when he's very thoughtful (for my birthday card, he wrote happy birthday even in french). I gave the boys some money, to enhance their experience.

Before the kids left, my little nephew did something to the computer, it froze and it made me lose some data I was about to send to Continental Airlines about the missing baggage. I was mad, more at the loss than at my little nephew, but he started to cry. I felt bad, and I told him it was going to be ok and it was just and accident. He sniffed, said ok and went off running to chase his cousin. Haha, so much for guilt. It was a sudden change, but I'm glad he wasn't feeling guilty anymore.

Crap, just this weekend until I see Aerosmith. Holy fuck. Also, the kissables are amazing. Also, within these two days, I must've gained at least 3 pounds. What the fuck, I say.

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