Shopping, Woodlands, Zach and ONE MORE DAY!
Sunday, 01/22/06 - 12:43 am.

Today...well, yesterday we went to the Woodlands, which is about an hour by car. It's such a wonderful place, I wish it was closer, and I wish I could go there often.

The experience was nearly ruined, though. You see, it was my nephew who suggested the idea, and it took a lot of effort to get everyone in the car. We left at about 5:30. All was good, my nephew was in such a good mood, and he and I were holding hands for a while; he said he wanted to spend time with us (my little nephew and me) because this is our last week here. He was lovely.

But when we got there, we got lost, trying to find the Cheesecake Factory. And he turned verbally violent, blaming his parents and calling them retarded. This is what I mean when I say I don't know whether to "justify" his agressiveness on the "disease" or just on his personality. He was very hurtful. It was strange, however, that it was my niece who was in a bad mood at first; it's always been like that with them, it's like they take turns. She was charming as my nephew was raging, when it'd been the other way around during the afternoon.

We had to wait for a long time to get into the CF, so we went to a B&N that was across the street. The Woodlands mall is like the San Antonio Riverwalk, and I only knew of it because once I heard of Aerosmith playing there. I felt like a Sim downtown, they even had that laid-back music in the streets. It's a beautiful place, I tell you.

I purchased a couple of books on borderline disorder (for Abnormal II this semester), and walked around. Luckily my nephew got over his rage, ironically by taking care of my little nephew; he's been doing that this time around, he offers to look after him, and he took him to a carrousel. Meanwhile, my niece and I were looking at t-shirts, and I bought one that said "bomb technician, if you see me running try to keep up". There were so many I had a hard time choosing, and I knew whichever I chose, I'd regret not buying another.

Fortunately, by the time we got a table at the CF, everybody was happy, and the dinner was wonderful. The three kids, my brother and my sister in law, everybody was laughing and enjoying themselves, and the ride home was uneventful. Not a word about my nephew's previous explosion. As my brother says, he remembers, but feels no remorse. As for the rest of us, we have to pretend it didn't happen and move on.

It was too cold to go for a walk, and everything was closed by then, past 10. On the car we were listening to the radio and I found out this radio station will be broadcasting the Aerosmith concert. I hope that can make up, my nephew keeps begging to go.

I'm so excited. Because, as a matter of fact, THE CONCERT IS TOMORROW!!!!

On lighter news, I got some cool clothes today, and I heard from an old friend I'd lost touch with in 8th grade. Wow, so many memories he mentioned about us, and I didn't know I'd made such an impact on him. See, he used to say he was Zach Morris (from Saved By The Bell), and was such a pimp, always trying to hook up. I was his "not so good looking with a wonderful personality" female friend, and he once dedicated me a Marilyn Manson video. And as he says, you used to spell-check my love letters. Haha, I didn't remember that.

Wow, I feel so happy right. I shopped for clothes and books, went to the Woodlands, the kids behaved (minus my nephew's episode), heard from an old friend and within 36 hours, I'll be seeing Aerosmith.

Please, allow me to say that right now, life is good.

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