Driving down a new road and getting a laptop, yay.
Tuesday, 01/31/06 - 9:40 pm.

Today I drove to the university, with my dad as copilot, for a pointless 10-minute meeting with Mr. PhD. I'm doing good with my grades, so I have no problem. Except he forgot to give me a paper that I must have in order to enrole this semester. Ok. I drove back home, too. These streets aren't pleasant.

My parents are keen on the idea of me getting a laptop. They're not one of those "yes, everything for the princess" parents, they've always set boundaries and yet manage to give me a treat here and there; but apparently, they can afford helping me out, and even paying entirely for it. They know I need it, it's not for playing videogames and shit. I'm open to reccomendations, because I know nothing about choosing a laptop.

And that's it. Bye.

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