I'm tired, but it was FUN!
Saturday, 04/29/06 - 8:00 pm.

Methods of Evalution workshop, about a personality test: REALLY fun, it surprised me. Except I had to skip part of it, to go look after the people taking the Social Psychology midterm.

I was planning on just staying 10 minutes, but Mr. Basket said, "I'll be right back". He wasn't RIGHT back...I waited for him from 10:20 until 11:45. Crap. It was all right, though, I cleared a few doubts among the students. He apologized when I reminded him kindly that I had to leave him with them, because I had a workshop to attend. I wasn't mad, really.

The MoE workshop finished at 12:45 pm...it was so, so fun, and I'm kind of sorry I missed part of it. We were having activities relating to our type of personality (thought vs feeling, etc.). Then we, my friends and I, went to the cafeteria for lunch. We had the CommPsych workshop at 2.

That was extremely fun as well. It related to how to work with the community when it came to the "self-diagnosis" of their problems. We did a lot of activities, and at the end of the thing we had cake and soda, all of us had given like $0.50. Also, we discovered we have to turn in the diagnosis of the community on tuesday. That called for an emergency reunion tomorrow.

I was leaving when this classmate of mine realized her friend had taken her car keys. Her friend works two blocks away from my house, so she asked me for a ride. The campus was closing at 6:30, and it was 6 o'clock when we took off. I volunteered to drive her back to campus, otherwise her car would be kept in the parking lot until tuesday (monday is a holiday).

This isn't really a big deal, but I've noticed that everyday a lot of people thank me for something. I like doing small things for people (driving back and forth, for 45 minutes, today for my classmate might be the biggest so far). But it's just something that everyone should do once in a while, you know, being nice to others. Carmen ended up calling me last night, and although I was upset at first, I was glad I helped her. And her question related to one of the questions that appeared on today's midterm.

Now that I'm done with this week of waking up at 6 am, I can focus on all my papers. But first I'll go watch Hercules with my nephew.

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