I should hire him as my fashion advisor.
Wednesday, 05/03/06 - 8:53 pm.

I visited Joseph today. And I bought him a muffin. And everything was ok, nothing was said about our last argument, and that means we go on with our relationship as usual.

He went to Guatemala this weekend, and he bought me one of the cutest shirts I've ever seen, it's beautiful...plus the "panic button" gift, a pretty necklace with matching earrings. I was really surprised by that gift, it was so...thoughtful? I mean, buying clothes for somebody else can be quite hard (especially for me, as my brothers have told me), and it says that they spent time thinking of you and how it'd look you, and if you'd like it enough to wear it. It requires a certain touch I'm pretty sure I don't have. Joseph, on the other hand, turned out to have great taste. Of course I do...look at the girlfriend I got for myself. Yeah, I just HAD to put that here.

I'm busy, and my to-do list grows by the hour, so that's all I'll be writing today. Well, maybe I'd like to add that my stupid crush on Joe hasn't faded, and he invited me tonight to see him play somewhere. He came into my cubicle and talked to me for a while; I have a cold, and he said my voice sounded sexy (haha, word! If this was my real voice, I'd be a singer). I can't help looking into his eyes when I talk to him, but I'm also scared that my own will give away too much information.

And, the end.

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