Sharing failures with the brilliant colleague.
Monday, 05/08/06 - 10:30 pm.

Argh. Jesus. I had a four-hour long meeting regarding the child abuse project this afternoon. It revoled around what Victor and I have to do in a week, before part of the document (preferably, all of it) is sent to Spain. Lovely.

Not to mention, I had my usual monday meeting at 9 am, for Methods of Evaluation. I spent the entire day with Victor, literally, from 9 am to 8 pm. I only stopped seeing him for lunch, because we went to different places. If only I could spend the same amount of time with Joseph.

I got a 8.1 in my Applied to Industry midterm, which hurts my ego. I think the average was 6 or 7, and as usual, Victor got a perfect score. I think that hurts my ego, too. I'm upset, because I only failed a dumb chart we didn't even studied, and a false/true statement. I lost 0.03 out of o.30 with the latter, and a painful 0.16 out of 0.25 with the former.

Victor and I were thinking of entering a contest. It's a scientific/political magazine from the Central American University of some place (not here), asking "professionals and intellectuals" to submit an article. Winner gets like 1,200 bucks. Hey, we're not only doing it for the money. There are a few (ok, two) papers we've written during our university life that we're quite proud of. But we're not professionals, I pointed out. After a few seconds of thought, I said, but we're intellectuals. WTF, we're not. We're losers. Which is why we'll probably give it a try anyway.


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