It's not the muscle, it's the cartilage.
Saturday, 05/13/06 - 7:15 pm.

Well, there's nothing wrong with my heart. It's only that the cartilage that holds together one of my ribs and this other bone (I have the name at the tip of my tongue!) is swollen. The doctor says it's because I spend too much time on the computer. Word. I recall that most of these episodes have happened while I was sitting at the computer.

He gave me some pills, and it's likely to pass eventually. It's just strange that this time the pain has lasted very long (two days). The cardiogram was normal, and he asked me if I was in love. "No, really, that's what this says". He's a good man, and I'd have probably said yes if my parents weren't with me.

They always come in when I go see a doctor, you know. It makes me feel like I'm 10 years old, but I find it so natural, that they are with me, that I only notice their presence when they're in the doctor's room with me. I must change that, though. Shame on me.

He also said I need to exercise. Goddammit. I do. I just can't find the time nor the energy to get to it. I used to swim last year, but it'd wear me out, and I'd take too-long naps afterwards. Not to mention, I needed to go to bed early, so I could wake up early and swim early...but I can't go to bed early because I use the nighttime to make progress on my work. I'm screwed. Although there's a threadmill in the house, as well. It's not the same, but it should do.

It's community visit day tomorrow. I'm pissed off at Victor for abandoning us, and I'm not the only one. Victoria wrote him back telling him so, and he replied, politely, with nasty excuses. Jesus, man, I know you have stuff to do, WE ALL DO! He's a selfish guy, and all his amazing intellect is inversely proportional to the consideration he has to the rest of the group. I'm still debating whether if it's worth it that I reply to his apologetic e-mail.

I feel like a couch potato, and indeed, I need to get more exercise.

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