Best second anniversary ever.
Wednesday, 05/17/06 - 9:09 pm.

Joseph and I have been together for two years today. The plan I came up with like three weeks ago, was us going tonight to a fancy restaurant after my classes.

Then I changed my mind, I was going to leave class earlier. Then I told my plan to Victoria and she said I should just skip it entirely, as it's a dumb class. So I was going to do so.

Joseph came to campus, earlier than I expected. He looks handsome in black. I was just minding my bussiness and I noticed some shadow coming behind me, but I only reacted when I felt his hands on my hips. I was ready to slap whoever dared, but it was him. After my 4:30 class was over, at 5:30, we'd leave.

Another change of plans, because...suddenly I didn't feel like going to a fancy restaurant as much as I felt like fucking him. Seriously. So I made a plan in my head while the professor was blablabla, that we'd stop by Subway and we'd go to his house. He was shaken by the idea, because it was unexpected; he knows I'm not very much into sex, so he was just pleasing me, yeah, yeah, let's go to that stupid fancy restaurant. But obviously, he was all for my new plan.

Ok...well, we did it. Twice. My God, and it felt so good! So, so good. I don't know what happened. Perhaps the lightning, his bedroom was pitch black by the time we got there. Perhaps it was the way he dressed, or the way I dressed...I don't know. But it didn't even require much foreplay, I was into it since I was in class. I'd never felt that good, and after we were done, I was feeling happy and hyper. So he was. So he was, I tell you.

We were having foreplay while listening to Spongebob on the TV (we were laughing out loud); and afterwards, we ate the subs watching Drake and Josh (not a big fan, but they have an Aerosmith poster in their bedroom!). In between, well...we had a lot of fun, like we'd never had before. Unbelievable. I didn't think enjoying that would be possible. Which is why we did it twice. I could've gone once more, imagine that, but I was hungry.

I came home right at 8:30 pm, like I do any normal day after class. Damn, I'm good (but I doubted it).

I'm in love with that man, I love him like I've never loved anyone before, and I'm planning on spending my whole life with him. His plans are the same, so we both score -on a regular basis-.

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