I kind of wish my neighbor overdoses and dies, so he'll leave us alone.
Saturday, 05/20/06 - 5:15 pm.

Last night...I mean, this morning, I was falling asleep at 1 am, when I heard the doorbell. Sometimes I hear things when I'm half-asleep, so I didn't mind. Then I heard it once more, and twice more.

Somebody had tried to break into my car. Namely, my neighbor. The guard was watching his side of the block when he saw a shadow getting out of my car. He started to run behind that person, but realized it was the guy next door, so he didn't shoot.

He didn't take anything, though. I always leave inside my $2 speakers, and they were there, along with two quarters and mints I always carry with me. Rose, our housekeeper, said I should check the brakes, because sometimes people fuck them up, just for kicks; and I also should look for drugs, because once a man broke into a car, left some drugs in there and called the police, thus the car owner was arrested instead. My dad checked everything as soon as the guard came to inform us, and it seems all is well.

I don't have good memories of this neighbor. I barely have any, actually, but I know he and his stupid sister hurt me when we were children. Because once I was "friends" with them, and they'd "borrow" my money or make me cry (I have a few images, but I'd rather not talk about them). So it's been ages, over a decade since I have even seen them.

It seems this guy, a bit older than me, I believe, has been breaking into neighbors cars and stealing their radios; he's also stolen stuff from his own house. He's a drug addict and has been kicked out of the house several times. Sometimes he comes at 1 am, and climbs through the wall of our house, crosses the roof and gets into his house through the backyard. He used to have a truck for some bussiness, but he lost it to drugs.

Sorry, but I wish he overdoses and dies quickly. He's a scary guy with a horrible taste in music (heh). I've always hated him, and now I hate him even more for what he did last night. I've heard my dad talking to another neighbor, who's in charge of managing security in the block, about how he can't go for legal actions, first because "we" -my parents- are good friends with his grandmother (also in the house), and second, because here -in this country- is very common that if you screw someone, no matter how much they deserve it, someone will be sent to screw you even more.

I too wish we could call the police, but I'm wondering for how long he'd be away. For the time being, I'm very upset. And I'm scared of the wall that joints his and our garden, because you can easily jump over it with a few skills. I don't think he'd be stupid enough to do that, but still.

Hell, I'm even scared of leaving Frog home alone tonight. My parents and I are going for dinner to my brother's ex parents in law, that italian mister that talks like The Godfather. Yay, I love italian food. Which is why I'm writing early...and also, I haven't written in two days. In my defense, though, I had nothing to say.

I've known for a long time that you're not safe even in your own house, but now I'm starting to feel it.

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